December 27, 2009


Every year we contemplate our resolutions for the New Year. Perhaps resolutions isn't the right word-goals sounds more realistic. I have been dreading going over last years, ahem, goals. Believing that I failed miserably. That was until I pulled out the list and found that I actually did rather well!

My goals for 2009 and my results were as follows:

1 Go to church every Sunday I possibly can
Did this. Got my first church calling, and spoke in church for the first time in 20 years.

2 Begin to pay tithing (scary and intimidating)
Did it. All year long. And you know what-life was much easier this year.

3 Lose those last 8 pounds . . . or is it 15 now that the holidays are over?

I failed miserably. In fact, I think I gained 15 instead of losing 8.

4 Fix the walls in at least 1 room of the house

Got this done! I repainted the living room, patched all the holes throughout the house , and paid a guy to finish the seams in the guest bath (still need to actually finish making over the bathroom).

5 Quit working by September; except for fun

Actually did it! Wow, that feels amazing to say! I now work about 4 hours a week for personal sanity.

6 Scrapbook 2008, and 2009

Oops. Didn't even touch it once. I suppose I failed miserable at this.

7 Go to bed earlier

Failed at this, too! I need to get to bed before 12-1am!

8 Be a better Mom, and Wife - more compliments, more individual time

I am much better at this. I still have a ways to go-but so much better than 2008.

9 ---I think that was all, probably not. I forgot where I wrote my original list

10 Be more organized

Can you believe it . . . I've been improving on this as well!

So that was it. Seeing that I had accomplished most of my goals has left me feeling greatly inspired to go at another set of goals for 2010.

While laying in bed trying to sleep this past month, I have had the following goals in my head.

1) Spend less time on the computer.
2) Finish the boys/guest bathroom and 1 other room in our home.
3) Reduce our debt. Let's set the goal at reducing the debt by $5000.
4) Spend ample time outdoors this year. Walking, hiking, camping, day trips, parks; all of it.
5) Read scriptures daily, as a family and by myself
6) Have a planned family night each week.
7) Take lots of photographs of our family!
8) At least 1 date a month with Josh.
9) Be an even better mom in all areas!
10) Work on improving some difficult relationships in my life.
Okay, just one more . . .
11) The always-needs-to-be-there-goal: Lose 25-30 pounds in 2010. Anybody need a workout partner or have a good trainer?

No, Seriously.

1 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

Those are some good goals! :)

I'd be your partner for the weight loss, but can't start until after Cohen arrives....sorry!