January 19, 2010

My Hearts Desire

In her left hand a mom has two Tots in a stroller, her right hand holds one furry pet. Then there's Tater beside her, his hands are both full, with his own really big furry friend. They are greeted with smiles from those driving by and with nods of the head from those with their pets. And let's not forget the waving of hands of those on their own icy decks.

Three miles a day is what they aim for when they set out for their little stroll. They all breath in the fresh mountain air while the chilly weather reddens their noses. Just Mom and the Tater are walking the pups, while the Tots sip on their warm hot chocolates.

Yet once again the sky is unleashing her very own frozen tears, covering their little magical world with a sparkling blanket of white. Their green tandem stroller, opened by the littlest Tot, sits by the front door and sighs. Its' wheels cannot tread through the white depth outside, that even now is piling up high. Little Green sits there now moping and hoping, wondering when she can again go out for a ride.Now Mom stands by the window to gaze at the white with the Tater and Tots antsy inside. When her heart starts to pound and begins to desire something resembling a perfect ride. Made out of wood, Two Tots it can hold, it comes with seats comfy and red. With this they can glide down the white streets outside, enjoying the snow in a sled.

Dearest Readers, to clear up some confusion: Tater=Cody, Tots=Zackary and Maddox. You can check out the sled I'm dreaming of by clicking here.

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Karen Rowley said...

Ooooh looks fun!