November 16, 2010

The Drama of the Tooth

One morning last week Zack and Cody were goofing off in the bathroom while they were supposed to be brushing their teeth.

Zack slipped and ate counter - chipping off the front of his tooth, and split the tooth through the root.

After an emergency visit to the dentist, we were informed the tooth should just fall out. And we needed to watch for infection.

Zack hadn't been eating well because his tooth hurt. Yesterday his gum above his tooth started to turn a darker pink. Today it was swollen and darker.

I took him to the dentist again to confirm that there was an infection. The tooth had to come out.

The dentist numbed up Zack and pulled the bottom part of his tooth right out.

Then Zack was numbed up some more while the dentist fished for the remainder of the upper part of the tooth.

My little boy was a brave champion. He didn't cry. He didn't flinch. He just laid there waiting patiently for the tooth fragment to be taken out. Only a few times did he complain about the pain.

To get the fragment out, the dentist had to cut the gum on each side of the tooth. The cuts were made and a flap created. After still more pulling and tugging, the tooth finally came out.
My dear little boy is now missing a tooth. He gained 6 stitches for his loss. The dentist declared that the Tooth Fairy would owe Zackary for 2 teeth instead of one.

That made it all okay.
I bet it's at least a year before his permanent tooth comes in.
In the mean time, his lisp is Adorable.

2 comments from people we love:

Karen Rowley said...

Aahh, Zack, it came out! I'm so glad you were brave at the Dentist. Remember you wouldn't let me touch it at all. good for you. Now you are like many 1st and second graders with your missing tooth! Lucky you!

Meredith said...

Wow! What a story!

And how much does he look like Cody here?!?!?! Crazy!