January 22, 2012

Homework Stinks

I have come to resent homework. School, including the act of preparing for, traveling to and from, and attending takes up 9 hours of the day. And then there's the homework. Why is there the need? Doesn't the school get enough of my child's life during the day? Why am I only given time with my children from 4-7:30pm each night? And during those few, precious hours, I have to make my boys do homework, while I cook dinner, clean up the newly made messes, and do bath and bed time. And that's not including the time that Martial Arts and Scouts use.

If I were to go to say, Zack's teacher, and inform her that we will no longer be doing homework in order to make more time for our family to be together ... what would she say? What could she say? Would she threaten to not pass him? Would she say okay? Perhaps I should try and just see what happens.

While it is true that I have my family on Saturday and Sunday, I don't feel as though that is enough. On Saturday's we clean house, go grocery shopping, and take care of those other need-to-do-things. On Sunday's, 5 hours of our day are devoted to church and the preparation for church. We do other things together on our weekend as well. It just never feels as though there's time for fun and enjoyment.

We do our best to have good quality and quantity of time together. But why do I only get those 2 days a week? I feel like I'm a divorced parent. The schools get my children Monday through Friday --- including after hours (due to homework) and I get them on weekends. As you can tell, I'm a little miffed about this.

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